Are you ready?

Are you ready? It seems, lately, if you listen to radio, that everyone from Homeland Security to FEMA to various other agencies, is using their PSAs (Public Service Announcements) to warn the public about impending disasters.  shazam_slide

So do they know something we don’t know?

I thought our President was confident that everything is under control.

So why the non-stop ads to tell us: “Winging it is not an emergency plan.”

I see it on billboards too, as I drive down the Interstate. (Okay, I mean as I ride. You all know if I drove Interstates, I would need a different kind of emergency plan).

Now let me be clear, even though every time I do this many readers attack me as though I had not been clear: I DO THINK EVERYONE NEEDS AN EMERGENCY PLAN!

11525668303_1d31cbfe08_q    However, I can’t remember hearing these ads in such preponderance, even in the early years following the September 11 crisis, when we were supposedly on high alert.

And, along with these dire warnings, masked as advertising campaigns to help us, we also have never seen so many major retailers selling emergency food supply at the level we have seen in the last five or six years. And even if we don’t spend hundreds on a year’s supply of dehydrated food, we certainly do pause in the canned goods aisles of the grocery, more than we ever have.

So what is this really about?

Could it be that our government is trying to warn us, in a more subtle manner than “late, breaking news,” and that by running these “be prepared” ads, daily, they are really trying to let us know there is an imminent problem?

440px-Apocalypse_vasnetsov   So many apocalyptical conditions are falling into place around the world. For those of us who believe the Bible predicts end times events, it would certainly seem we have never seen conditions line up at the level they do now.

We Biblical folks though, also believe that we do not know the times or the seasons for these events, and that we have a God who is in charge of our future, and the future of the world. Actually, the state of mind we are to be in is not fear, but readiness, no matter when it is going to happen. And, that readiness is not just about food. It is about readiness of the soul.

That said, either way, the government is letting you and me know that we must be prepared, and soon. We need to do several things:

Get a Go Kit together

Arrange a meeting place for the family

Store supplies like food, flashlights, water to last for weeks, and have

Can opener

Tools to turn off utilities

First aid kit     th

Dust mask


Local maps

Battery powered radio

Cell phones with solar powered chargers

Towelettes, garbage bags

Personal hygiene supplies

And, don’t forget a whistle–this is to call for help

I feel a bit of apprehension just typing up the list.

In the old days, we added a rope and rope ladder to escape a fire. I think the new ads are warning of way more scary things than escaping a fire.

I hope you are ready. I hope you are safe. I wish you faith and peace in all of this.

Because I believe we may be entering a time where you may need more than your Go Kit.

th-1For what it’s worth: Believing you’re in control of the universe is not an end-times plan. It’s kind of like “winging it” without the wings.