From nuts to heaters and buckwheat to gifts

I have to admit it. I am an AmazonLLC addict. And, I am not apologizing!

I remember reading a New York Times story a few years ago about a woman in New York City who was a GrouponTM addict. She bought so many Groupons that she ran out of time to use them all before their expiration dates. That gave me fair warning and I immediately cut down on my ordering, learned to put them on my calendar right away to view the number of coupons and the expiration dates, and generally became a sensible saver, mostly for dining, massages and home decor products.

No such warning occurred for ordering from AmazonLLC. Truthfully, no such warning would get through to me. What happens is I go to a store to find a product, and often they don’t have my color or my size.

Or I go to the store to buy food, and then have to lug it home. So, I began to compare and price these items on Amazon LLC, and much to my surprise, there was almost nothing I was buying anywhere that wasn’t readily available on with free shipping (I am a Member) and two-day delivery.

That meant I could order my Tax software,  

my bedroom slippers, my canned goods, my bulk nuts and organic flours (often from Bob’s Red Mill),

and a wide variety of other things–even toilet paper. A little note here about Bob’s Red Mill. I thought I was ordering Buckwheat Groats for homemade muesli, but instead ordered Creamy Buckwheat cereal. So I called Bob’s Red Mill to ask about toasting the flakes and not using water to hydrate them. Not only were they helpful, I felt like I was calling family. They were friendly, and we had quite a little discussion about my question. I ended up being happy I had mistakenly gotten the flakes, because they are better for toasting and the muesli will be softer, so we don’t break a tooth on the groats if they are not hydrated. So happy to be their customer.                                                                                           

I could buy toys and gifts for my four children and eight grandchildren and have it shipped free to them in California. Way better than going to a store, wrapping the gift, mailing it myself. I have sent Legos, chess boards,  comic books, jewelry, books and gift cards to them, and there’s been no hassle.

The only product I have had trouble with has been the Mocking Jay necklace I have now ordered twice for my granddaughter. The first one never arrived, and the second attempt, if it does arrive, will be here after her birthday, even though I ordered it a month ahead of time. This one is not from AmazonLLC direct, but from a third-party vendor. That can be a problem, but has not been a problem with their own merchandise.

I began to, just for the fun of it, compare even things I would have never expected to find on Amazon: like the tankless water heater for our river house renovation, which was the same price as from the manufacturer’s site, and the bathroom fan and light,
but came to us in two days.

Once I realized I could order my organic almonds, coconut sugar, organic rolled oats, and tankless water heater in the same order, I became a little nuts about this system. I also learned about their subscription program for groceries. So now, although I am still a Costco TM member, I can purchase many grocery items at a 15% discount (if I have five products on order), and space them however I wish on the program, and then have them delivered to my door, so no lugging. I’m telling you, this is just too easy.

I can’t really find a disadvantage to this shopping site, except maybe clicking “add to my cart” is a little too easy. But, I guess that’s really what’s it’s all about. It so easy and convenient, and most of the time, I was going to buy these things anyway, that I just enjoy having it all ordered from one place.

This online company has brought one-stop shopping to a new level–and I like that. For those of you who have to see and touch before ordering, I recommend going out and seeing and touching and then coming home and finding it all. Returns are also easy. What a company! I was already sold on Kindle and ebooks. And, I love my Membership for Movies and Videos, especially their original programming like their original shows. And I love my music, although this needs a little work, because they haven’t really streamlined it yet for things like Sonos speakers ( also bought my
wireless Sonos from. This has to be one of my favorite all time purchases. I can stream radio and music throughout my whole house.

So, since almost everything I buy is on Amazon LLC (I mean is there anything Amazon LLC doesn’t sell?), and since I usually pay no shipping, and since I usually find what I need exactly in right size and color, why not use this convenience for everything I can?