Winter is here–or is it?

Everyday, I listen to our local weather on WTIC. The weather guy is taking great pleasure–sounds like glee–in telling us this is the warmest December on record in Connecticut.  images

Now you have to understand that our little river house, right on the Connecticut River, is probably one of the greatest delights of my entire life. My hubby has torn down, gutted, rebuilt, remodeled, and generally made it beautiful.

So when he informs me, as he regularly does, that he hates winter, hates being cold, I translate to that someday, he will want to take me away from my little river house. That would make me very sad.

IMG_1734      So I have an elaborate plan to “get him out of winter.” That involves taking a big portion of my retirement money–whatever is not going into the renovation–and saving it up for “getting out of winter.”

In order to communicate this intention to him, I planned, this year, for the most expensive, most elaborate vacations–out of winter–that we have ever taken. I wanted him to taste and see.

IMG_2360We just returned from Costa del Sol, where we had a fabulous time. But the temperatures were only in the mid-60s–so not exactly beach weather. We still loved the people, the scenery, the food, and the Mediterranean.

We loved Malaga. We walked everywhere in center city Malaga., celebrating our blessings with lots of red wine, sangria and lots of especial Dos Equis. No worries. We walked everywhere.DSCN1910      IMG_2612 (1)

But, as we checked our weather back at the river–it was very similar to Spain.

Now we are planning to fly into Las Vegas, en route to California, again to avoid winter, and, of course, to see the kids and grands. But, I look at Las Vegas and Los Angeles weather forecasts, and it will be “about the same” as Connecticut weather for the week.

Ironic. If we had stayed home this year, and waited for a colder winter to travel, hubby would have reveled in the “warmest winter on record in Connecticut.” It’s supposed to be mid-60s on Christmas Day.

IMG_5147Isn’t life interesting.

We are still having a great time, home or away. And, I suspect, I will get to live out my life in my little river house,

because, hubby looks at his handiwork, and he is pretty proud. And. He loves me. Very much