Almost a bedroom – 2

We are making great progress on our master bedroom, thanks to hubby’s talents, and somewhat thanks to unemployment, which gives him way more time for the project. The molding us up, and the contrast with our taupe color scheme is quite lovely.  IMG_0014

We have a bed being delivered soon, and then our new mattress-the old one is 20 years old and the caverns and depressions are, well, depressing!



So by the end of the month, we hope to have a bed set up, a floor deprived of paint cans, compressor, tools and lumber, and an actual beginning of life on the first floor.  IMG_0010

The bathroom, however, though functional, is not complete with lights, shelving, paint retouch and finishing touches, so I am hesitant to say it is finished. The problem is gauging how much of our resources we should apply to finishing touches when the paycheck has stopped and unemployment hasn’t started.

IMG_0015        IMG_0018IMG_0019

We will see. But, don’t forget, only a short time ago, the bedroom looked like this:

Getting ready for dry wall
Getting ready for dry wall

In the meantime. isn’t it always the case that when you have money, you have no time, and when you have time, you have no money. Life’s challenges are ever presenting, and our response has to be faith, hope and love. That’s the way we are.