The continuing miracle of real bread

So I told you all about the why in Bread, lies, and videotapes (scroll back), but I am coming to appreciate my own discovery more than ever after returning from a 4-day weekend in Jamestown, RI.

img_0204   It was a celebration–our 35th, and who doesn’t splurge while on holiday?! Right?

So I did, I’m talking our favorite coffee shop, Slice of Heaven and a big omelete every day, with, of course, a little croissant on the side–and, okay, a bite of my hubby’s cinammon sticky roll. If it helps, I gave him a bite of mine too,   295585_519104211465096_1671549415_n

Then on to dinner of stuffed clams (bread stuffing), a clam roll (fried and served on a white bread hot dog roll–this is how they roll in New England, folks–except at Berkshire Mountain Bakery.

And once a scallop appetizer with a marvelous argulula salad, but served with warm, hommade wholegrain bread and butter at Jamestown Fish, which is a five-star dining place to die for.


What’s a girl to do? You guessed it–she didn’t abstain.

unknown-3    So on returning home to the River House, the shock of the scale was a gain of 4 pounds. Ugh. Holiday or not, very disappointing.

But, wait–here is the amazing truth. Two days of being back to Berkshire Mountain bread and 3 of the 4 pounds are gone.

We’re not counting a glass of wine, or tons of coffee with cream, or butter, or cheese, or even snacks (although I do notice that without a simple bedtime snack of even popcorn with coconut oil, there is no gain at all.

So how can just a change to real bread vs. unfermented pretend bread make such a difference?   stock-photo-bacteria-lactobacillus-gram-positive-rod-shaped-lactic-acid-bacteria-which-are-part-of-normal-389522521
The immunologist I talked to at the airport said, “We’re learning alot about gut flora and its effect.” She told me I wasn’t imagining that those good little microbes I am swallowing and feeding to my bellyfat are really eating up that bad stuff which has accumulated from this bad fake bread and even other processed foods.

IMG_0094 (1)  We need gut cleaning. Berkshire Mountain bread does that.   How easy it that for goodness which is good for you?