I am generally a very positive person. I try to see the bright side of everything. Maybe it was reading Pollyanna as a child. In any case, I am a glass half full person.  

That said, I do have some major complaints, which I do not just gripe about, but actually try to influence others and make a difference. That is not always received as I intend, as constructive, but, still, it is meant to be that way.

So what are these major gripes I have? Here is a partial list:

Grammar–Did everyone just not attend 7th Grade? Or, is the idea of a preposition being followed by an objective pronoun, especially when it is a compound pronoun, just something no one knows about; or is it that we no longer care? Example: Bring the cake to Jay and I is NOT correct!!!!!  I is a subjective pronoun, only used when it is a SUBJECT. A preposition (do you need the list) is ALWAYS requiring an OBJECTIVE PRONOUN–Bring the cake to Jay and ME. Would you say bring the cake to I?  NOOOOO. So why, when you have a compound phrase, do you feel okay about switching ME out for I?? Ick.

I have many, many more grammar tips, but I will be so happy if you all would just learn, teach, and use this tip.

Food–We are gaining some ground in our society to rid our food stuff of partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrups (although I am not sure I trust what the food industry is using to substitute for them).

But, now, we need to get rid of bromated bleached white flour, which Dr. Gaynor (The Gene Therapy) says you would go to prison for using in some countries with a hefty fine, but which we Americans feel fine about allowing our children to ingest, however poisonous it is, because we, for some unknown reason trust our government. Please do the research before you ingest this:(;

Bromine is a foaming agent used in making plastics. Ick again. It is also believed to disrupt the thyroid gland and interferes with the production of thyroid hormones.  And, we wonder why so many people have thyroid problems. Hello!

Secondly, we also need to really examine canola oil–which is Canada Oil, not American, but still very, very bad, thanks to Monsanto’s entrance into the recipe. I trust Dr. Axe’s take on this oil, because he seems to care about nutrition, more than profits–unlike our governement and its lobbyists. The government pretend to be banning partially hydrogenated oil, but in the case of Canola, which amazingly IS RECOMMENDED not just tolerated by the U.S. Government, and is a really, really bad choice. I believe they are trying to unload their surplus ingredients, so they nudge food manufacturers (and us consumers) to use it. The alarm is that this oil is used in almost everything. Again, probably a Monsanto lobby–which I cannot prove, but hey, they’re really active in strong-arming even farmers to use their GMO products. I put back about 90% of the packaged foods I pick up after reading labels and realizing that this bad oil is in everything from candy (even from my favorite Mexican grocery) to Costco snacks (in a store I usually trust to care about real nutrition). You may also want to read Joel Marion, CISSN, Co-Founder, BioTrust Nutrition’s take on Canola. It is a very, very bad oil. Here is some of what Marion has to say:

About 30% of canola oil is made up of polyunsaturated fats, very fragile fatty acids that are easily damaged by high heat processing, which is the processing method of virtually all “commercial” forms of canola oil.
Sure, it’s made up of a large portion of heat-resistant monounsaturates, but that still leaves 30% of the oil as denatured, processed junk. And you know what happens when fragile polyunsaturates are heated to high temperatures? That’s right, they get all flustered and turn to trans fats, the absolute WORST possible thing you can put in your body, period.

So if you want to line your arteries with trans fats, this would be your government-approved oil. If you don’t, stop buying it. Stop using it. Stop eating it. Stop feeding it to your children! If we stop purchasing this, they will stop selling it.

Good oils, like coconut,  grapeseed, avocado, and olive are so much better. Yes, they cost more. But if you factor in the health care costs we are all paying for increased heart ailments and cancers, the cost of good oil goes way down.

And, just so you know, Gaynor also says people who cook with coconut oil lose as much as 35 pounds a YEAR more than those who don’t. Is that motivating or what! It also may tell us why we are gaining so much weight using that awful oil the gov tells is good for us!

One word of caution: even good oils if heated above their smoke points become partially hydrogenated. So don’t cook at high temps with olive oil. Coconut and avocado oils have higher smoke points.

Okay, I will leave this post with these three gripes, and ask you to read up, care, and change your buying behaviors to reflect your educating yourselves on protecting your dear families.

Thanks. Marjorie