Do we brag about poisoning children?

I have to tell you, if I hear one more tax-payer funded government PSA on throwing out butter as “bad” and using canola oil as a “heart-healthy, good oil” I think I will scream.

If you do your research, which I have, you will find the hisotry of Canola is not a pretty picture. For one thing, it stands for Canadian Oil, whereas everyone I know believes they are eating a corn oil.

Dr. Axe, who I highly regard as a watchdog for health, says in big, bold letters:. Why?

Well, for one thing he says:  “Canola oil was first created in the early 1970s as a natural oil, but in 1995, Monsanto created a genetically modified version of canola oil.” He goes on to explain that the harmful poisins in the oil have to be killed with high heat, which makes this oil a hydrogenated oil. It is suspected to cause damage to kidneys, liver and neural systems.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, an onocologist who wrote The Gene Therapy, also warns of the dangers of this really bad oil.

So why does the government use OUR money to tell people to use it? One word: Monsanto. Do you know how powerful food lobbies are? They are able to get our lawmakers to back many really harmful produts. But, this one, Canola oil, is one of the worst.

So, please! Swtich back at least to butter–preferalby organic or Irish or French versions, and use high smoke-point coconut or avocado for cooking, and oilive oil for raw foods.

I have, so far, influenced two smart restauranteurs to change their oils to non-gmo Sustain sunflower oil from Stratus Foods. Trying to save lives, one restaurant at a time. It costs them more, and I suggest raising their prices $.10 per menu item to defray the costs. Who wouldn’t pay $.10 more to have a healthier liver or kidneys?

Help me with this campaign y’all. When you go out to eat, ask them what kind of oil they are frying their food in. Most will assume you are concerned with tree nuts. When they hear you mean Canola, they are shocked. Why? Monsanto. Government backing. Suggest they look into Sustain sunflower oil. And tell them you will Yelp them with a great review if they change. They really do care about Yelp reviews.

While the government has never been good at protecting health, from their wacko food pyramid to their lobby-back big food profit-making. But we are the voter. We can make a difference. Tell me how the government had companies stop putting trans fats into foods, but highly supports Canola–one of the worst trans fats out there? Oh, I remember. Monsanto. Big money. Our taxes at work. It make me want to cry. Instead, I will keep fighting the good fight.

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