Everybody has a story

In early 2000s, I finally found an editor who would allow me to try my idea for a column about people–ordinary people who have inspirational stories.

Frank was a little hesitant, but he wanted circulation for his paper up in my neck of the north of Rockford, Ill. woods, so he agreed to let me try “Lunches,” which is what I wanted to call it.

He put me on a probabationary basis until I showed him what it would look like by interviewing my editor, Brandon.

I did; they like it; and Lunch with Marjorie (they insisted) was born.

After ten years of publishing that column monthly, I had gathered a lot of very inspiring stories about very interesting, but not famous people.

My editor allowed me to continue publishing the column, even after I had moved to Conn. from Ill. I think it took a couple of years for Frank to realize I didn’t live in the Rockford area anymore, but eventually they had me stop doing the stories. Brandon had told me I could do some outside of the area interviews, but had to have 30% in the area. I did that.

So, now that newspapers are in the slow death process, I decided to republish my stories (I own them and only sold 1st rights to the newspaper), online. I am slowly getting them on my site at: www.lunchwithmarjorie.readmstradinger.com

I hope you get a chance to visit. I think you will enjoy these stories. And if you know of someone who you think would make a good subject–please email me at stradingerm@gmail.com and let me know. I plan to continue the column on the Lunch with Marjorie site.


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