Naked Wines

Hubby recently ordered some motorcycle parts online, and the package arrived with an offer for $100 off on some CA wines. We looked into it. Turns out there is this “club” call Naked Wines, that is composed of CA winemakers–I believe all fairly new at it–and customers, eventually called Angles, who support these winemakers through their online purchases. These wines are not available through stores, so the only way to try them out it to order online.

The original discount was for a case of wine that would normally retail for about $275, which we got for $79 including delivery. Wow.

We also recently began a nightly connection time, where we have a glass of wine and share our day in about 18 minutes–9 each–lol. This way hubby doesn’t think he is signing up for hours of conversation–and he gets wine. This is good. It tends to reduce that distance that happens if the day has been stressful.  

Anyway, back to wine, the initial purchase was so ridiculously inexpensive, and the wines so enjoyable, it became clear that we wouldn’t be purchasing more until we became Angels and got that pricing again. It took us awhile to figure out that even though there were 8350 people ahead of us in line to become Angels, we were on a list.

What evidently happens when you get to first in line for Angel, is they take $40 from your CC monthly, and you apply that to orders. If you want to quit, you get your money accumulated and not spent back. We are now Angels. We ordered about 15 bottles to be ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, evidently the State of CT caps our online ordering, so we could only get some of what we wanted. (When you have a glass of wine daily, 12 bottles lasts about a month, unless you have 2 glasses each).

   So, we are happily supporting these new vintners and are reviewing their wines for them, for which they seem truly grateful, and are very responsive. We will probably continue to be supportive, and to order a case about every other month. We still have some local stores we like, and we are really not big drinkers. We also like beer. 🙂

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