Almost a bedroom – the renovation on the river house continues

So in between the “getting out of winter” trips to Spain, California, and soon Jamaica, my hero-of-a-husband is working hard on getting us a first floor renovation of our bedroom by mid-March. We have been looking from the kitchen side at our little bi-fold door leading to the bedroom, and kind of pining away for it being “our space” as soon as possible. I might mention that kitty is also very keen on getting into that space-although, for now, she is banned. Too mucIMG_2923h concrete work, dust, and an aversion to wads of white cat fur in the work area. Not that we have succeeded completely in getting that ban accomplished.

IMG_2911 (1)We tried multiple blockages, which kept US out, but was un-daunting for a masterful prowler-type (cat).  Turned out a simple piece of cardboard did the trick. She is still trying though.

The area has been under construction for so long, getting dry wall and paint seemed shocking. Renovations, even with a gorgeous view of the river, do seem to take forever.


But getting everything finished is no small order: we, and by we, I mean–he–has to finish hooking up the electric everywhere–although we do have lights in there now; he has to install the tile in the shower, put in a ceramic bathroom flooring; install the pedestal sinks; build shelving; do the flooring for the walk-in closet and the bedroom area; install the closet “system” for shelving, hangers, and storage; finish the molding and edging around doorways, windows, and French doors; attach all of the light fixtures; assemble anything we buy that needs assembly (read everything!); and generally clean up the mess after all of that is finished. We didn’t even mention picking up 15 cartons of bamboo flooring from Home Depot and then carrying them to the deck and into the house. Big job! (Um, I don’t do heavy lifting.)


And…you know this is all on weekends and evenings. He does work full time!  As I said, no small order.

Most of this work he is doing himself. We have been fortunate to have some talented friends help. IMG_2920                      IMG_2917


IMG_0597 So if the man wants a little beach time, I think we can manage that.

And, when we return, this stark indoor view, should be almost transformed into a completed first floor renovation.      Wow.

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